There was a task: get remote control of a computer from anywhere, where u haven’t any instruments, and where any ports are closed, except 80.

I found a Guacamole project. Support SSH, Telnet, RDP and VNC. Also support sound.

Contains 2 parts: daemon, web-client.

First, downloading daemon sources (guacamole-server, now it is 0.9.5 version) from the site. After you should install dependencies for supporting protocols, I need only vnc so:

aptitude install libvnc-server-dev

Configure and compile it:

./configure --with-init-dir=/etc/init.d/
make && make install

Client. I have Tomcat server, so I downloaded WAR and just deployed it. For the client there are two config files:, user-mapping.xml. They can locate or in /etc/guacamole/, or in /home//.guacamole/.

guacd-hostname: localhost
guacd-port:          4822

basic-user-mapping: /home/freekode/.guacamole/user-mapping.xml

guacd-* - need for connecting to your daemon (guacd), default it is localhost and 4822 port. auth-provider: BasicFileAuthenticationProvider - simple authentication based on a file, Guacamole also support LDAP and MySQL authentication, but it no needed for me. basic-user-mapping: - location of a file with username password and available connections.


        <connection name="home">
            <param name="hostname">localhost</param>
            <param name="port">5900</param>

It’s support md5 hashing, but if you want you can disable it, just remove “encoding” attribute and place plain password to “password” attribute. You can create many connections for users.

I hope it helps someone, but actually it is very easy configuration. More you can find in official documentation.

UPD: Forget about VNC server. I am using x11vnc server. Which show real display (display :0). You can write a config ~/.x11vncrc:

forever         # if there is no this option, x11vnc will be stopped after first disconnect
display :0      # show real display
passwd password # password 
nap             # low load
wait 50         # time between screen pools
noxrecord       # cann't record the display
solid 00aa00    # instead of wallpaper will be solid color (of course if you connect with -solid param in viewer)
fs 1.0          # something for low loading and slow connection

Or start server with all these parameters:

$ x11vnc -forever -display :0 -passwd password -nap -wait 50 -noxrecord -solid 00aa00 -fs 1.0

Result will be the same.

UPD2: Suddenly, I have found Guacamole menu by Ctrl + Alt + Shift, in this menu you have clipboard, uploading files, and virtual keyboard (sometimes it is very usefull, because x11vnc work not properly, and some keys on the keybard just do not working).